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  • Salary Snapshot 2021

    Available for download now! Surveyed over 1,500+ Renewable Energy and Water professionals across the APAC, covering salary, holiday, benefits and career progression data.

  • Recording | The Day After Tomorrow: ANZ Water Market Update

    ​We have hosted a webinar on the topic The Day After Tomorrow: ANZ Water Market Update. Revisit the recorded webinar and get a copy of the key takeaways Questions & Answer: A Collection of the ...

  • Advancing Women of Colour in Engineering and Infrastructure

    ​"Asian economies are sitting on a powerful and underutilised engine of growth. Advancing gender equality in Asia-Pacific could mean an extra US$4.5 trillion or 12 per cent of the collective annual...

  • Global Whitepaper: The Work-Life Rebalance

    ​After the largest working-from-home experiment from Covid-19, engineers, how are you doing? Is working-from-home sparing you extra few hours from the commute? Or, on the other hand, is remote work...

  • SWA Webinar: The Water Market in South East Asia

    ​In early August, we have co-hosted a webinar with Singapore Water Associations. At this webinar, we have invited Mr Pravi Bansal, Partner M&A and Strategy at Amane Advisors to discuss the topi...

  • Under Construction: The Post-Pandemic Workplace

    While the global pandemic will inevitably result in long term transformations to the form and function of the workplace, the short term will mostly be characterized by iterative solutions intended ...

  • Survey Results 2020: Why Women Withdraw from the Recruitment Process

    ​​Key insights:The reasons why women withdraw from the recruitment processThe main challenges to improving gender diversity in engineeringHow to attract and keep female talent in engineeringRecogni...

  • Job Confidence Index 2020 Report

    ​Request a copy of our survey result from infrastructure & engineering professionals during Covid-19.

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