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Attracting Renewable Energy Talent in Japan | Providing Non-Monetary Benefits

Posted on April 2024 By LVI Associates

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With a small talent pool in the renewable energy sector within Japan, LVI Associates is seeing more and more creative yet competitive compensation packages being put forth by organizations in order to attract more desirable professionals.

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If you're part of a human resources team or a hiring manager looking to bring on board a new team member, make sure you take a look at these highly desired benefits that will surely make your organization stand out to candidates among your competitors.

Company Car, Flight Tickets, and Train Tickets

While company cars are a common benefit in Japan, flight or Shinkansen (bullet train) tickets for employees' travel needs can significantly alleviate the burden of transportation expenses, especially if you require candidates to relocate from a different region within Japan. This uncommon benefit demonstrates a commitment to employees' needs and facilitates stress-free mobility for project-related travel.

Language Classes and Visa Sponsorship

With the industry looking outside of Japan and relocating senior professionals, many are intimidated by the idea of living in a new country without local support. 99.2% of residents in the country speak Japanese (i), therefore offering to support employees' personal and professional development by giving allowances for Japanese language classes or facilitating visa sponsorship demonstrates investment in their long-term success and integration into the local culture. This benefit not only enhances employees' skill sets but also fosters a sense of belonging and loyalty to the organization.

Enhanced Paternity Leave

Embracing progressive policies such as extended paternity leave reflects a company's dedication to diversity and long-term employee care. Japan has been making efforts to fund and promote more paternity leave within the country (ii), hoping to alleviate the burden taken on by new mothers. By going above and beyond the policy and providing fathers with more liberal paternity and childcare leave, employers ensure their employees can prioritize family commitments without compromising their professional growth.

Customize Benefits Packages

Tailoring benefits packages to meet the diverse needs and preferences of employees can help them to feel incentivized to stay at their company. Employers can offer a range of benefits such as retirement allowances, stock benefits, housing allowances, and healthcare benefits, allowing employees to choose options that align with their individual priorities and lifestyles.

Promote Work-Life Balance

If you have work-life balance policies in place, do not hesitate to make them known and advertised. Many renewable energy professionals value work-life balance as a top pull factor (iii). Displaying the company's positive view of flexible working hours, core business hours (10am - 4pm), and extended paternity leave, enhances your overall compensation package. By accommodating employees' personal and professional commitments, employers create a supportive work culture that attracts and retains top talent.

Invest in Professional Development

Providing opportunities for professional development and highlighting skill-based training programs empowers employees to enhance their skills and advance their careers within the organization, improving morale, productivity, and the overall quality of your workplace. By investing in employees' growth and development, employers cultivate a motivated and engaged workforce that drives innovation and success in the renewable energy industry. Let your candidates know that you are interested in their development and invested in their success by crafting a career that allows them to flourish within the company.

Incorporating these forward-thinking benefits into compensation packages not only enhances talent acquisition, employee satisfaction and retention but also strengthens the employer brand, positioning your organization as employee-centric and leading place to work.

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