APAC Water Market Salary Gudie 2022

LVI Associates | APAC Water Market Salary Snapshot 2022

Water security has become a very important challenge for the Asia Pacific region to be urgently addressed. How to most efficiently manage this scarce and finite resource, while catering to increasing demands related to industrial growth, agricultural production and rapid urbanization is a key challenge for the region.

The reality is that the water professionals require niche skillsets which limited the supply of the talent market. And to effectively attract and retain these business-critical talents, it is important that the hiring managers understand what the market is offering; same for water professionals to understand if their package is above the market rate.

Since 2020, LVI Associates has been surveying water professionals across the region to understand a detailed picture of their remuneration packages. This year, we have surveyed over 600 experienced Water market professionals to create the LVI Associates APAC Water Market Salary Guide 2022, to produce a YoY comparison report covering compensation and variants between locations.

This year, the Salary Guide covers salary and package benchmarks for all hiring managers and professionals across the APAC region:

  • Australia Water Market

  • Singapore Water Market

  • China Water Market

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Highlights include:

Find out more from our latest LVI Associates APAC Water Market Salary Guide 2022.

    • More Water market professionals we surveyed in Australia, Singapore and China received salary increments this year compared to 2021.

    • Except for Australia's Water market Sales & Development professionals, fewer Water market professionals that we have surveyed received flexible working hours in their current roles.

    • For Singapore Water market Engineering professionals, although the majority of those surveyed received 0-14 days of parental leave (75%), the rest are receiving more parental leave days compared to 2021.

LVI Associates | APAC Water Market Salary Snapshot 2022

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