Water Industry Salary Snapshot 2021

LVI Associates | Salary Snapshot 2021 - APAC Water Industry

APAC Water Industry Salary Snapshot 2021

With an impressive amount of input from professionals across the Asia Pacific Water industry, we've been able to shed light on some commonly obscured details in the market.
This report has gathered business-critical salary, career progression and benefits information that has allowed us to create new industry-wide benchmarks.
Some key findings :
  • In all APAC regions surveyed, the majority of salary increment percentages ranged from 0-5%.
  • Within the China Water market, the majority of all professionals received 30% or more as a bonus.
  • 47% of Singapore's Water Operation & Maintenance professionals received flexible working hour arrangements - less than all other surveyed regions, averaging at 80%.
  • 0-14 days of paternity leave is common across all APAC regions within the Water market. 

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