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Job Switching Considerations for Energy and Infrastructure Professionals

Posted on October 2023

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​In the fast-moving world of energy and infrastructure, many professionals consider changing jobs for various reasons, such as seeking new challenges, better pay, or roles that match their expertise. However, it's important to understand how switching jobs can affect your long-term career.

In this article, LVI Associates will discuss key points that energy and infrastructure professionals should think about before changing jobs.


Matching Your Skills

Energy and infrastructure professionals often have specific skills. It's important to check if a new job aligns with your expertise. Transitioning to a role that complements your skills can make it easier to adapt and be successful in your new position. On the other hand, exploring a new niche can open up exciting career possibilities in the future.

Sustainability and Innovation in the Industry

The energy and infrastructure industry are changing rapidly, with a focus on sustainability and innovation. Before switching careers, research if your potential employer is committed to sustainable practices, renewable energy, and new technologies. Companies that value these principles can improve your long-term career prospects.

Safety and Risk Management

The energy and infrastructure sector often involves risky environments. Evaluate an organisation's commitment to safety and risk management. Companies with strong safety cultures provide a safer workplace and better overall well-being.

Project Size and Complexity

Projects in the energy and infrastructure industry come in various sizes and complexities. Consider if your new job offers projects that match your interests and career goals. Complex projects can help you develop skills and open doors to similar work in the future.

Company Size and Structure

The size and structure of a company affect your job responsibilities and advancement opportunities. Smaller firms might offer a wider range of responsibilities, leading to faster career growth. Larger corporations may provide more specialised roles and access to extensive resources. Think about how the company's size and structure fit your career objectives.

Professional Development and Training

Professional growth is crucial for your career. Assess whether a new job offers learning and advancement opportunities. Companies that invest in employee development through training, mentorship programmes, and resources can support your long-term career development.

Compensation and Benefits

Professionals in the energy and infrastructure sector often receive competitive compensation. Evaluate total compensation packages, including salary, bonuses, benefits, and any extra perks from potential employers. Ensure they meet your expectations and industry standards.

In conclusion, while the engineering sector offers many opportunities, changing jobs frequently requires careful consideration. By assessing your expertise alignment, staying updated on sustainability and innovation, and considering company sizes and project types, and other essential factors, you can make an informed decision that matches your skills, values, and long-term career goals.

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