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What Australia Engineering companies are looking for?

Posted on January 2023

Job Search Tips | What are Australia Engineering companies looking for?

To make the list as a qualified candidate, you need to have specific skills and desirable experience to bring to the table. Whilst this is true across any industry, for the Australian engineering market, here are the top 3 skillsets and experiences that are currently of significant interest to companies: 

Technical skills - Software Experience


Multi-skilled - Beyond Technical

Technical Skills – Software Experience

Technical skills are essential in most engineering roles, but professionals with software experience are widely sought after. Different sectors also look for different software experiences, but across the board, companies have become increasingly interested in what technical software capabilities a prospective candidate has. Below we have detailed some of the niche and specialised software that have sparked an interest in the job brief from hiring managers:

Environmental & Mining sector

  • GoldSim
    Modelling that focuses on pre-feasibility studies within mining conditions and water quality. Experience with GoldSim is currently highly desirable in the mining industry.

  • TuFlow/Hydraulic and Hydrologic modelling/AutoCAD
    These fall into a standardised category that most businesses typically look for.

  • Python/R
    Competency in Python/R would give you opportunities to work with larger data sets and complete tasks more efficiently, which companies will see as a value-add.

Transport, Water, Land Development & Civil Engineering sector

    Modelling for transport and traffic engineering. We have seen some companies only speak to individuals that have experience with AIMSUN.

  • Revit
    For structural engineers and building services.

  • 12D
    The biggest demand we have seen for engineers, we suggest that professionals should add 12D to their portfolio.

Key points to note

  • It is important to note that the demand for software skills does differ across the states and regions. For example, in Melbourne transportations, many companies are looking for designers and engineers that have experience in Microstation. But this is not required in other cities. We advise professionals to research on the area you work in/want to work in to discover what software is required.

  • Be familiar with current legislation and guidelines as they are constantly changing. For the environmental space, roles such as approval specialist consultants require knowledge of Commonwealth legislation, EPA, and the EPBC Act. Local experience and local knowledge can get you a long way. 


It might come as a surprise, but most companies ask for individuals who have a long tenure – working in a company for an extended amount of time. The trait of loyalty to an organisation is very enticing, especially to smaller consultancies where the director is building the company from scratch. They will want a professional who is dedicated to the company in return.

Multi-Skilled – Beyond Technical

Engineering is an extremely competitive market. To find ways to stand out it can help to be multi-skilled. It’s commonplace for companies to look for an all-rounded individual with more than just technical fluency. That includes client-facing experience and commercial acumen. If you haven’t had this experience, you might still be in the running – we have seen businesses look for candidates that are open to develop, willing to help the team grow, and push themselves out of their comfort zone. Many firms hire on personal fit and it’s likely that individuals with a can-do outlet will proceed much further down the interview process.

​Key points to note

  • There is more autonomy, flexibility, and opportunities in mid-sized consultancy firms. You will get a chance to evolve with the team, smash through projects, and be part of a growing company - an experience that will be incredibly beneficial for the future. Look for the sweet spot: international firms that have a growing presence in your city.


Ticking the boxes on what companies are looking for?

It is time to explore how you can stand out in the market.

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