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How to stand out in the Australia Engineering market

Posted on January 2023

Job Search Tips | How to Stand Out in the Australia Engineering Market

It is always essential to understand what companies are looking for when come to a job application. Further to that, understanding how you can stand out in the job market will allow you to go further. Here are some of the practical tips from our specialist recruiters in the Australian engineering market that will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Be active beyond applications

Tailor Your CV

Be active beyond applications

Having a strong presence online is important. Engineers should leverage their LinkedIn profile and social media to:

  • Share articles about the industry.

  • Connect with market experts or leaders in the industry.

  • Join different associations (i.e. Engineering Australia, Women in Engineering, among others).

  • Ensure testimonials are visible on your LinkedIn profile – more often than not, hiring managers will lookout for this to gain an insight into your professional career.

  • Follow your dream companies – be the first to know what projects they are working on.

  • Stay connected with niche specialist recruiters.

While all this is well and good, what are the benefits?

Get referred by your networks

Referrals are an effective way to land your dream position, allowing you to bypass job applications and speak directly with companies. Naturally, the more you grow your network and the more people you meet, the more referral opportunities you will have. We have also observed several companies introduce ‘referral schemes’ which incentivise employees to refer their friends or others in the industry.

Be close to finding new opportunities

If you have the right skills, organisations are likely to speak to you regardless of a specific role. Especially for mid-senior level positions which are not extensively advertised on job boards or company websites. It is important to find out about openings through word of mouth or industry/market knowledge.

Put your CV in front of the right decision-makers

Typically, talent specialists only put forward a shortlist of around 3-5 CVs to hiring managers. Rather than a CV sitting in job board applications amongst hundreds of CVs, the chances of getting seen are much higher in a shortlist.

Tailor your CV to land an interview

CVs have roughly 10 seconds to impress a hiring manager. We’ve highlighted some of the best strategies to create a stand-out CV:  

Let your achievements come first 

Certificates, accreditation, or any software skills should be added to your title at the beginning. Any legitimacy matters.

Highlight accomplishments, not responsibilities 

Include data and figures to support your accomplishments:

  • Working with a project value X.

  • Generated X amount of revenue in 2022.

  • Managing a team size of X.

  • Growing team headcount by 20% in 6 months, for example.

Contractors, make sure you fill in the CV gaps

It is common to have gaps on a CV due to different contracts. Make sure the project name, start date, and end date are on your CV, otherwise you might come across as a job hopper. Remember – companies usually look for long tenure.

Have gaps on your CV? Include a cover letter

If you have any inconsistencies in your CV, perhaps because of the frequent job changes, you should include a cover letter. It gives you a chance to sell yourself, and your experience, and provide some clarity on what you were doing during any time off. According to studies, applications that include the reasons for CV gaps are 60% more likely to get an interview.

Stand out in the market gets you interview opportunties.

Find out tips on acing your interview in Australia Engineering market.

Submit your CV to our Australia Engineering recruitment consultant team to explore your next career opportunities.


Take a step back

Stay Close, Stay Competitive - Top practical tips to secure your dream engineering job in Australia

In a highly competitive market standing out from the crowds is never easy, but it can make all the difference between success or failure. This begs the question, how can you differentiate yourself from others?

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