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Start Your Week Fresh on a Blue Monday

Posted on February 2020

Blue Monday

​Engineering and infrastructure professionals, do you find it harder to go to project site when it is a Blue Monday? Especially when you need to head to the under construction buildings or get to underground and not seeing the sun.

We understand how hard it is to work on a Blue Monday and we understand how Monday Blues are affecting individuals’ performances. Working with infrastructure professionals across APAC every day. No matter you are in Japan or Melbourne, we constantly hearing the common topic about “blues” from their jobs. It is not always easy to keep yourself in high energy and motivation at work. But not doing anything about it will definitely never work, and worst, affect your performance and lead to lay off.

Start Making a Change for Blue Monday

It doesn’t have to be anything big to make you feel better on a Blue Monday. Simply just like listening to some upbeat music will allow your mood change and point to right direction. Walking up stairs will give you an energy boost.

We have put together a guide on top 5 tips on how to deal with Blue Monday and kick away Monday Blues. Download and start make a change .

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