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How to Leave Your Job Without Burning Bridges

Posted on November 2019

A resigned man is thinking

​Quitting a job you hate for an exciting new role, or giving your notice to a boss you can’t stand, can be a very satisfying moment in your career. However, though there is satisfaction in going out in a blaze of glory and quitting on the spot, it is vital for your future career within the Singaporean infrastructure and engineering sector to leave your role in a polite and dignified manner.

Working your notice period and giving as much as possible to help with the handover to your replacement and finishing up the projects you are able to within the period will mean you leave your current employer on the best terms possible, hopefully armed with a glowing reference.

This resource will guide you through how to leave your job without burning bridges, so you can walk through the office door on your final day confident that your professional reputation is intact.​

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