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In the rapidly evolving energy and infrastructure sectors, understanding the nuances of salary benchmarks and specific skill-set values is paramount. At LVI Associates, we prioritise this industry-specific knowledge, ensuring we're at the forefront of compensation trends, technological advancements, and market shifts within these sectors.

Stay well-informed, competitive, and confident when navigating the intricate landscape of energy solutions, renewable resources, and modern infrastructure salaries and benefits. Whether you're hiring talent to spearhead innovative projects or setting out on a transformative career path in these industries, LVI Associates stands by your side as your dedicated talent partner in energy and infrastructure.

​With a special focus on the Asia Pacific region, these guides provide in-depth insights to help you gain a better understanding of your professional value or to attract top-tier candidates from a highly sought-after talent pool, grab your copy below.


Civil Salary Guide


​Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Salary Guide


​Renewable Energy - Japan

Japan Renewable Energy Salary Guide


Data Centre

Data Centre Salary Guide



Environmental Salary Guide


Collaborate with LVI Associates for your talent needs in the energy and infrastructure sectors. With the increasing demand for engineering projects worldwide, ensure you have the right professionals on board.

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