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APAC LVI Associates Salary Guide 2023: Renewable Energy

Posted on August 2023 By LVI Associates

LVI Associates - Salary Guide 2023 - Renewable Energy

​Delve into the latest insights of the Renewable Energy industry with our comprehensive Salary Guide for 2023. Discover the salary trends, compensation expectations, and career motivations that shape this dynamic sector.

Here are some of the interesting findings:

  • Impressive bonus | Over 30% of solar professionals in Taiwan received a 30%+ bonus this year.

  • Importance of flexibility | Over 70% of offshore wind professionals in Taiwan received flexibility in remote working (71%) and working hours (80%). Plus, over 90% of sustainability professionals in Australia also consider flexible working/working from home important when considering a new job.

  • Risk of losing talent | Over 60% of sustainability talent in Singapore is ready for a new opportunity.

Our Renewable Energy report covers the following regions and sectors:

  • Energy Storage - Australia

  • Offshore Wind - Taiwan

  • Onshore Wind - Australia

  • Solar - Australia & Taiwan

  • Sustainability - Australia & Singapore

Download the latest Renewable Energy Salary Guide 2023 report for more insights.