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LVI Associates | Renewable Energy & Water Salary Snapshot 2022

Since 2020, LVI Associates has been surveying renewable energy and water professionals across the region to understand a detailed picture of their remuneration packages. This research has gathered salary, holiday, benefits and career progression data from across ​Asia Pacific regions.​

Our 2022 results are in

This year, we have surveyed nearly 600 experienced Renewable Energy sector professionals and over 600 experienced Water sector professionals to create the LVI Associates Salary Guide 2022, to produce a YoY comparison reports covering compensation and variants between locations and energy sources.

We encourage you to peruse, reference and benchmark against these reports with your current remuneration.

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2 reports are available for download

Renewable Energy Salary Snapshot 2022

Renewable Energy

APAC Water Salary Snapshot 2022

Water Market


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