Practical Hiring Tips to Overcome Australia's Infrastructure Talent Shortage

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​Unlock Strategies for Overcoming Talent Shortages and Building Your Dream Team

Are you a hiring manager in Australia's energy and infrastructure sector, working within the Water, Transport, or Environment domains? If so, you're acutely aware of the challenges posed by the current talent shortage. At our recent webinar, we delved deep into this pressing issue and equipped hiring managers like you with actionable insights to attract, interview, and hire top-tier talent for your infrastructure projects.

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Key Insights

In this webinar, now available for viewing, you'll learn:

  • Overcoming Talent Shortages: Explore proven strategies to combat the prevailing talent scarcity.

  • Staffing Shortages in Australia: Understand the root causes of the staffing shortfall in Australia.

  • In-Demand Jobs: Identify the most sought-after roles amidst Australia's skilled worker shortage.

  • Corporate Solutions: Learn how companies can contribute to overcoming skill shortages effectively.

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  • Panellists include:

Milan Vidanovic
Associate Vice President

Laura Chan
Principal Consultant

Chantel Li
Senior Consultant

  • Hosted by:

Elizabeth Pugh
Senior Vice President
(Head of Australia)