Webinar: Navigating Renewable Energy Opportunities in Japan

​Are you an engineering professional looking to advance your career in Japan's thriving renewable and clean energy industry?

As Japan's interest in renewable energy intensifies, both local enterprises and international investors seek top-tier talent. Our webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the current Japanese renewable energy market, including sector trends, compensation comparisons, anticipated career growth trajectories, and the key skills pivotal for success.

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​These topics will be discussed amongst our expert panelists:

  • The current business growth and demand for renewable energy professionals within Japan

  • Comparison of compensation packages, including salaries, benefits and more.

  • The expectations of career growth within this sector

  • Desirable and transferrable skills within engineering professionals for renewable energy roles

Whether you're just starting out or deeply involved in this industry, our upcoming LVI Associates webinar is a crucial event to gain deeper insights into this rapidly developing market. This event will be conducted in the Japanese language.

  • Panelists include:

Ravin Mehta

Ravin Mehta ラビンー
Principal Consultant
(Wind & Solar)

Mexen Cheng

Mexen Cheng メクセン
Principal Consultant
(Civil, Structural and Construction)

  • Hosted by:

Emma Trinh

Emma Trinh エマ
Principal Consultant
(EE & Project Development)