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Turning Winds into Wealth - Vietnam's Green Energy Revolution

Posted on September 2023 By LVI Associates

Turning Winds into Wealth - Vietnam's Green Energy Revolution

Amidst the global push for sustainable energy solutions, Vietnam has found itself at a crossroads with a unique opportunity. A recent World Bank study has unveiled the potential for Vietnam to become a leader in clean wind energy. Predicting an increase in offshore wind power capacity ranging from 11 to 25 gigawatts (GW) by 2035, the nation stands on the brink of an energy transformation that could reshape its energy landscape, drive economic growth, and build a green workforce.


Strategic Policy Framework: Guiding the Course of Progress

Vietnam's journey towards renewable energy dominance hinges on its government's ability to enact and implement forward-thinking policies. The World Bank underscores policy formulation as the catalyst for this transformation. A successful navigation of this landscape could lead to an industry boom, generating not only sustainable energy but also economic prosperity and sustainable development.


From Megawatts to Modeling: Transforming Energy Dynamics

The study envisions an impressive goal: achieving 25 GW of wind capacity by 2035, capable of meeting 12% of Vietnam's electricity demands. Beyond bolstering energy security, this achievement could position Vietnam as a global model for effective utilisation of renewable resources. The nation could set a powerful example of how natural assets can be harnessed for national progress.


Economic Winds of Change: A Potential USD 50 Billion Boost

The economic implications are as significant as the environmental ones. The World Bank study forecasts that reaching the 25 GW wind capacity mark could infuse Vietnam's economy with a whopping USD 50 billion. Beyond figures, this financial surge could invigorate local supply chains, creating numerous skilled jobs across various sectors and fostering economic growth.


Green Careers Afloat: Riding the Wind Energy Wave

Vietnam's surge into offshore wind energy creates a sea of opportunities for its workforce. The nation's move towards renewable energy opens doors for careers in wind power supply chains, offshore wind skill development, and even emerging fields like green hydrogen production.


A Holistic Approach to Progress: Beyond Remuneration Trends

Renewable energy job benefits in Vietnam encompass not just income and company benefits, but also a sense of purpose in contributing to a greener world. In addition to the job security and salary associated with a green energy career, individuals can take pride in knowing that their work is helping to reduce pollution and fight climate change. This can be an extremely rewarding experience and adds further incentive to pursue a career in green energy.

Strategic Positioning: Catching the Wave

Vietnam's advantageous position cannot be overstated. With abundant wind resources and proximity to major East Asian markets, the nation is poised to lead the green energy charge. As the global energy landscape shifts towards sustainability, Vietnam can harness its potential and meet the rising demand for renewable energy sources.

 The World Bank study illuminates Vietnam's potential to redefine its energy sector through offshore wind power. The journey towards achieving up to 25 GW wind capacity by 2035 signifies more than a shift in energy sources; it marks a transformative leap towards sustainable growth, economic prosperity, and environmental stewardship.

As renewable energy talent demand and careers in Vietnam gain momentum, Vietnam is poised to emerge as a beacon of green innovation in Southeast Asia. By navigating its wind potential, Vietnam can steer the region towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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