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Resignation Best Practice Guide

Posted on April 2022 By LVI Associates

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It is no secret that the year of 2021 has become an overwhelmingly candidate driven market. With companies across many industries scouring for talent. Findings in our 2021 Water and Renewable Energy Salary Snapshots showed significant compensation and benefits discrepancies even between countries within the Asia Pacific regions.

As we acclimatise to new working flexibility, safety and vaccinated workplaces; you may be ready for resignation and moving on to new and better compensated opportunities. However, resigning can be daunting and tricky even if it isn’t your first time doing so.

Our Resignation Best Practice Guide provides you with the run-down of what is necessary to consider when resigning, as well as actionable points and templates to reference.

In this guide you will find:

·      Determining whether you are resignation ready.

·      What you can expect when resigning.

·      How should you resign?

·      When should you resign?

·      Advice on constructing your Resignation Letter.

·      A Resignation Letter template.

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