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Reopen Office in 6 Steps

Posted on September 2020

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Working from home can be easier for engineers. When Covid-19 first started, we already covered some tips on setting up for remote working. Most of the companies in the engineering and infrastructure sectors already have pre-existing flexible working hours or work from home policies. Engineers are actually feeling more confident as the trust is strong between them and their employer. However, after a long period of working from home, it is essential to return to the office for face-to-face interactions and on-site checking for project status. Reopen for the office is at the top of employers' minds.

Reopening the office can be challenging. According to our survey, two-thirds of engineering professionals (69%) want their employer to encourage more working from home. On the other hand, WHO has advised that we should wear a mask in public to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Often, engineers are required to work on a project site which is outdoors, how can you support your workforce’s return?

Prioritizing your employees' safety and wellbeing is always important. Based on our own experience, along with talking to local experts, our clients and our employees and candidates, we developed the best course of action to take – REOPEN in six steps for a smooth transition:

Recognize who needs the office most

Engage with employees to get buy-in

Organize workers into different groups

Pandemic-proof the workspace

Effectively communicate your decisions

Negotiate flexible working

Cut through the noise and confusion. Download this free guide for six simple steps you need to prepare to REOPEN.


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