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Construction Claims Consultant Jobs Update: APAC Market

Posted on February 2019

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​​Global growth for construction industry led by APAC market

GlobalData forecasts that the pace of expansion in the global construction industry will average around 3.6% per year from 2018-2022, with the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region accounting for the largest share of the worldwide construction industry. Some geopolitical factors, such as the intensification of the U.S.-China trade war, cast a shadow of uncertainty, but GlobalData expects that the acceleration in construction growth in India will offset the projected slowdown in China.

With the upsurge in the number of large infrastructure, industrial, and commercial construction projects in the APAC region, LVI Associates has experienced a significant increase in client demand for construction claims experts.

Complex construction megaprojects means more construction claims

Even with the most meticulous planning and seasoned teams, the construction of large, complex construction projects rarely goes exactly as planned. There are thousands of moving pieces at any one time. There are also multiple factors outside of owners’ and subcontractors’ control that can cause delays and increased costs.

Mired with delays, cost overruns, and litigation with a major subcontractor, the CBD and South East Light Rail in Sydney is just one example of how megaprojects can be derailed. Another lawsuit is on the horizon for the beleaguered projectTo date, 110 businesses and landlords have joined a $400-million class action lawsuit alleging that they have experienced economic losses and psychological trauma as a result of construction, inaccessibility, noise, and dust.

As the number of construction projects increase in the APAC market, so will the number of construction claims. Construction claims frequently occur between parties involved in contractual relationships. The most common reasons for construction claims include problems such as:

  • Delays

  • Insufficient information

  • Changes in the scope of the project

  • Unforeseen circumstances

  • Conflicts

Claims may be made for unforeseen expenses, extension of project completion time, and liquidated damages.

What do construction claim experts do?

A construction claim expert will investigate and analyse what went wrong, what course of action would best mitigate or resolve the problem, and which party should be held liable. By engaging a construction claims expert, the owner or contractor allows the engineers and workers to focus on their areas of expertise. Some engineers and surveyors are not comfortable writing and defending a construction claim that may end up in court. That is why the ability to navigate the technical and legal facets of contracts, and to deliberate with lawyers is a sought-after skill.

Increasing APAC infrastructure megaprojects creates construction claim jobs

With the number of complex infrastructure megaprojects under construction in the APAC market, construction claims consultants will be in high demand. Certainly not all projects will endure the legal woes of the CBD and South East Light Rail, but complex construction disputes will invariably occur. Construction claims experts will be called on to identify the dispute, arbitrate to arrive at an expeditious resolution, and when that is not possible, provide expert testimony in court.

If you have experience managing construction claims, namely:

  • Analysing complex issues and timelines

  • Identifying causes of delay both contemporaneously and forensically

  • Creating Time Impact Analysis (TIAS) and Requests for Equitable Adjustments (REAS)

  • Completing formal claim documents

  • Working with owners, contractors and lawyers

LVI Associates encourages you to submit your resume.

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