Advancing Women of Color in STEM

90% of CEOs report that diversity is a top business priority, yet the dial towards progress has hardly moved in recent years. In Singapore, women are vastly underrepresented in STEM jobs and among STEM degree holders despite making up 45% of the workforce and half of university students. Women of color face a 'double jeopardy' because of their gender and ethnicity. The following guide explores the 'state of the union' for women of color in STEM-related fields in the United States. However, the key findings and action points are applicable to any environment where hiring managers strive to increase diverse hires. The guide includes:

  • How to encourage job applications from those who hold high levels in stigma consciousness

  • The importance of diverse role models to instill a sense of belonging

  • How to negate a culture of sexism and stereotypes that deters entry-level applications

  • How interviewers demonstrate hiring bias ​