Global Whitepaper: The Work-Life Rebalance

Whitepaper: The Work-Life Rebalance

After the largest working-from-home experiment from Covid-19, engineers, how are you doing? Is working-from-home sparing you extra few hours from the commute? Or, on the other hand, is remote work allowing you to spend quality time with your children? No matter what are you benefiting from, this longest period of working-from-home experience is bringing the workforce to rethink the meaning of work-life balance. How can it evolve post-pandemic?

Work-Life Balance - Attract, Retain and Motivate talent

Traditionally, a better salary and career progression always come into the conversation while we are speaking with employees. However, Covid-19 has been unleashing other pull factors that will attract employees to join a new company. Working from home, flexible working hours, for example, companies recognizing and acknowledging this will have the best chance to attract, retain and motivate talent in challenging and changeable circumstances.

Time to Rethink of Work-Life Balance

How will our choices today affect the future of work? Which path should we take to ensure work-life balance? With more than ever, employee wellbeing being firmly front of mind, employers have a unique opportunity to create lasting positive changes that promote work-life balance.

At LVI Associates, these are the questions that have defined our daily conversations with clients, candidates, and our global workforce. Our new report, "The Work-Life Rebalance", offers business leaders another perspective before setting the foundation.

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The Full Report Covers:

  • Chapter 1:

A Historical Perspective on Work-Life Balance

  • ​Chapter 2:

How Work-Life Balance Could Be Restored

  • ​Chapter 3:

  • How Changes to Work Will Affect the Wider World

  • ​Chapter 4:

  • Three Models of ‘Work-Life Balance’ for the New Normal