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Interim Report: Job Confidence Index 2020

In the modern climate, one of the key solutions to building an exceptional business is identifying business-critical talent. It is imperative to make your business as attractive as possible to existing and potential employees. However, this continues to be one of the biggest and ongoing challenges faced by employers.

Despite this being the age of the digital revolution, we do not believe you can write an algorithm to measure how employees “feel.” Employees’ views about the workplace and economy are completely intuitive and singularly subjective. Yet, gradually, individual opinions merge and we get a very human assessment of the collective current sentiment and confidence in the future.

Job Confidence Index (Interim Report)

We have engaged with over 460 experienced Energy & Infrastructure sector professionals across the Asia Pacific region n in February 2020. Our objective was to gather important views and data on:

  • Their economic outlook

  • Perceived job security

  • Are they happy in their roles?

  • Do they feel properly compensated

Our interim result shows that even over 37% of people surveyed are expecting a worse economy, over 61% of respondents are very confident or confident about their job security.

Interested in our interim result? Request a copy of the interim report for our Job confidence Index.