Being Business Critical in the New Virtual Workplace

Governments all over the world are appealing to the engineering community to help deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. Factories are being asked to shift production to meet the high demand for ventilators. While mammoth hospitals are being raised in just days.

For those working on other projects, construction work is slowing down. To minimize the impact, the Association for Consultation and Engineering (ACE) has said that members have introduced working-from-home contingency plans in the hope that businesses can move forwards as much as possible. As expected, many construction and systems engineers will find it difficult to switch to new, virtual communications methods according to E&T.  

Coupled with economic uncertainty, some engineering professionals are seeking advice on how to demonstrate their value during this time. While many professionals will continue to work on-site, their colleagues, including key decision-makers, may be working from home; creating further challenges to visibility.

On request, we have put together this practical guide to help navigate this new territory. This guide will define:

  • What we mean by business-critical roles

  • How to demonstrate your value virtually

  • What steps to take to move your career forward if necessary

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